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EBS – Exclusive Business Solutions – is a company based in Singapore that seeks out, and applies, appropriate sales, marketing and logistics business solutions on a global platform. It has offices in Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Dubai and the United Kingdom, and is also represented in Turkey and Russia. Its people have a proven track record of being able to identify, develop and implement a range of business solutions, many of which have been tried and tested in the global business arena.
  EBS is:  
  a new model for managing customers and products  
  a business philosophy that combines the best of East
  and West management
  a creative resource, providing business information about            
   business challenges
  a viable network of specialist service companies that deliver              
  on promises
  EBS is not:  
  just another consulting "shelf" on which to find information             
  where "one shelf size fits all"
  only operational in South East Asia.  
  We have worked for significant companies in Asia, Euroland, North America, Australia and Southern Africa.  
Being recognised by each individual team member, customer and business partner as a company that creates original solutions of distinction that exceed and transform their personal and business expectations.
Consistently challenging the sales, marketing and supply chain performance in our markets. All opportunities will be thoroughly evaluated to position innovative, exclusive, practical and measurable solutions that produce exceptional and sustainable results for our customers.

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